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05th Apr 2022

‘World’s worst boss’ makes us PAY to drink water from our cooler at work – it’s outrageous

Charlie Herbert

Employees have to splash out for ‘water club’ membership

An employee has revealed how their boss makes them pay $5 a month to enjoy unlimited refills from the water cooler at work.

The boss makes staff fork out $60 (£45) a year to be part of the ‘water club’ and have access to the water cooler.

Taking to Reddit, user RemyBrady shared a picture of the water cooler with a sign attached to it.

The sign reads: “Hello water drinker,

“If you would like to enjoy this delicious POLAND SPRING WATER please see Sandra or Michelle to get signed up to the very cool WATER CLUB.

“This water ain’t free yo.

“Members are currently enjoying unlimited refills for $5 per month.”

Employees are encouraged to join the ‘water club’ if they don’t want to have to pay for the H2O (Reddit)

Many on social media users were quick to give their thoughts on employees being charged for water.

One person wrote: “‘Ain’t free yo’ – the most professional words in the workplace.”

Another added: “For $60 a year that water would better cure cancer.”

Someone else had their own “water club” story, recounting how there used to be one at the school they used to work at.

He continued: “We get a new superintendent who decides (in what was basically the one and only cool thing he did as superintendent) that he would just cover the cost of water.

“This led to the discovery that the school secretary had been lying about how much water cost, overcharging everyone, and pocketing the difference.

“THAT led to the discovery that she had been skimming money from about a dozen other sources around the school too – all to feed her massive gambling addiction!”

Another had their own water scandal story. They wrote: “I worked for a major university that wouldn’t provide water to their employees. This university might have been eliminated in the final four. They are a very wealthy university.

“The manager over me said that the employees had a water fountain to drink from. The same fountain that was disconnected due to being unsafe for consumption over 5 years ago.

“I ended up buying two water dispensers and the same manager said he would not provide them with water. The funny thing is the office he was in had a nice water dispenser.”

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