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23rd Dec 2016

Famous chef insists this simple cocktail is the world’s best hangover cure

Never heard this one before...

Paul Moore

Would you try it out?

We’re certain that your hangover cure involves a lengthy session in the gym where you lift more weights than The Rock, followed by a nutritious breakfast and plenty of water.

Yeah, it definitely doesn’t involve a pounding headcase, the futile promise of ‘never again’, and the joyful destruction of a Domino’s Mighty Meat, all by yourself.

We’ve never been prouder of you.


One man that definitely knows a thing or two about drinking, and the food that provides the best soakage, is the award winning chef Fergus Henderson.

Henderson is the founder of one of the UK’s most influential restaurants, the Michelin star winning St. John in London, and in a recent interview with Vice, he revealed the cocktail that he swears by as the ultimate ‘hair of the dog’.

If you’ve ever been out for a few drinks with a chef then you’ll know that they don’t do things by half, so his words of wisdom might be very helpful over the Christmas period.

If you’re feeling a bit ‘groggy’ after a night on the beer, then you should try the following: fernet, crème de menthe, and ice.


Yep, these three things can apparently make any hangover disappear.

For those of you that might be curious, Fernet Branca is a bitter or Amaro, aromatic spirit that’s made from over 40 herbs and spices, including myrrh, rhubarb, chamomile, cardamom and saffron, with a base of grape alcohol.

It’s frequently used in the culinary world due to its herbal taste when cooking, along with the fact that it has the ability to calm your digestive process after a meal.

You should be familiar with a crème de menthe, the sweet, mint-flavored alcoholic beverage that’s available in both colourless and green versions.

Fancy trying this cocktail out over the Christmas period? Then again, you might stick the classic breakfast roll approach. Both sound options.

Pedialyte, pears and Sprite have also been suggested by other people as decent hangover cures. We’re here to help you through this busy Christmas period – good luck…