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17th Mar 2022

Woman’s UTI turns out to be glass tumbler inserted four years ago for ‘erotic purposes’

Danny Jones

Woman's UTI caused by glass used for 'erotic purposes'

Good grief

A woman who went to the doctor for a UTI, later learned the discomfort was being caused by a glass tumbler – that had been inside her for four years.

The 45-year-old had inserted it for “erotic purposes”, according to findings published on Science Direct’s Urology Case Reports.

The woman, who has not been identified, reported her health issues to Habib Bourguiba University Hospital in Sfax, Tunisia, after she noticed a number of worrying symptoms, including frequent urination, the report notes.

After undergoing a scan, doctors discovered she had a tumble inside her which the woman admitted inserting for “erotic purposes” some years prior.

As a result, she had grown an eight-centimetre bladder stone that was causing her urinary tract infection. These things are often not big enough to be seen or just a few centimetres wide.

Unlike kidney stones which are caused by a lack of fluids, these lumps of minerals form when urine isn’t full drained from the bladder; however, as this unlucky lady found out, they can also be caused by foreign bodies.

Woman's UTI caused by glass used for 'erotic purposes'

After x-rays noted the large obstruction and further analysis found that she had higher traces of blood cells in her urine than normal, a cystolithotomy was carried out. The patient made a full recovery two days later.

The tumbler can be seen inside the cracked bladder stone below.

A sensible reminder to be careful when experimenting in the bedroom.

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