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13th Aug 2022

Woman takes out full-page ad to get back at cheating husband – and uses his credit card to pay for it

Jack Peat

Revenge is a dish best served bold 

A woman in Queensland, Australia has been widely praised after she took out a full-page newspaper advert to get back at her cheating husband.

Known only as Jenny, she paid for the whole of page four in her local publication to label her other half as “a filthy cheater.”

It read: “Dear Steve, I hope you’re happy with her. Now the whole town will know what a filthy cheater you are – from Jenny.”

There then followed a final line which really would have hurt Steve in his wallet area. It said, “PS. I bought this ad using your credit card.”

The ad has gone viral after first being published,  so much so that the newspaper itself was forced to print an explanation on social media.

The editorial team behind the Mackay and Whitsunday Life – a weekly which serves the population on the east coast of Queensland – replied, “We have been inundated with dozens of messages this morning about the advert on page four of Mackay Life.

“As there are too many to reply to; we would like to address it here. Firstly, we do NOT know who Steve is, but apparently he’s been very very bad.

“Secondly, we won’t be revealing any details about Jenny. And, three, we have not charged the credit card in question.”

Not every one was happy with their comeback, however. “Didn’t charge his card? Who’s side are you on? Down with Steve,” posted one reader.

“You legend, Jenny,” replied another, while a third added, “Remember, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

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