Woman pushed so hard while giving birth that her eye ‘popped out’ 5 months ago

Woman pushed so hard while giving birth that her eye ‘popped out’

Never compare childbirth to a kick in the balls again

Brace yourselves - just not too hard, if this story is anything to go by.


In case you weren't already petrified of having kids with your significant other, a woman on TikTok has revealed that her eye "popped out" after pushing too hard during childbirth.

As you can see in the short seven-second video montage, new mum Bethany Collins gave birth around six weeks ago and during labour it would seem the pressure sustained from trying to push got out of hand. Can't say she isn't all effort - an absolute trooper.

@clydestinks69 My doctor said, “wow, I’ve never seen this happen before! ??” but now I have miss Phoebe ? & yes, my eye went back 6 weeks later ? #greenscreen #fyp #babiesoftiktok #pregnanttiktok #pregnant ♬ original sound - ?

The 23-year-old wrote in the caption that the doctor said "wow, I've never seen this happen before" and it's fair to say, while pregnancy and childbirth is always going to differ from person to person, the chances of his happening to others are very slim.

Fortunately, her eye went back to normal during the course of her six-week postnatal recovery. That being said, we can't get the mental image out of our head; as one person commented, "new fear unlocked".

Others were also quick to warn unaware women and their spouses about the potential dangers of 'purple pushing', a similar process that basically involves midwives instructing mothers to push while holding their breath for ten seconds intervals.


Once again, while popping blood vessels in the eyes is considered quite common during childbirth, this is an extremely rare outcome and we're just glad that Bethany and her daughter Phoebe are healthy.

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