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08th Jan 2023

Woman explains why she decided to have 11 kids with 8 different men

Steve Hopkins

It is all about the math!

A woman has explained the advantages of having children to multiple different men – and it kind of makes sense.

Phi, from Memphis in the US, has given birth to 11 children from eight different men, and in a TikTok video about things “she’s sick of having to explain” she opened up about having so many baby daddies.

Phi has amassed 90k followers on the video sharing platform, often through posts of her having fun with her big brood.

But having so many kids has come at a cost for Phi, who explains men always say they’d never marry her.

But having eight baby daddies is just good maths, Phi tells her followers.

“Let me explain it. If you have one and you take away one, you have zero,” she said.

”But if you have eight and you take away three, you still have five.”

To those struggling to understand Phi’s logic, she broke it down in more detail:  ”If I only had 1 baby daddy and he leave or die my kids would be fatherless, butttt if I have 8 and 3 were to leave or die my kids still have 5 dads….

”like duhhhh yall gotta do the math,” she chuckled in the caption of the video.

Responding to baffled viewers, Phi also said – jokingly – that she doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon and won’t be happy with almost a dozen kids.

”I wanna have like another 19, just so I could make it even, 30.”

When it comes to finding the perfect mates to make more babies, Phi says she uses various means, including Craigslist.

”But that’s kinda played out now so I usually just like post on Marketplace… or if I see like an empty billboard, I’ll post an add up there.

”Nothing too extreme, you know.”

Trolls have suggested Phi is just in it for the benefits. Financial benefits, that is.

But she had an answer for that as well. Zooming in a document stating their child support, Phi showed that the state only gives her $10 (just over £8) every four weeks.

”Yall really making it seem like a crime,” the mum hit back at trolls who thought having eight baby daddies should be illegal.

But fortunately, Phi has also grown a supportive fanbase, with one saying: ”My mama got 9. we just say she was in love 9 times.”

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