Woman baffled after Hinge match texts back three years later 4 months ago

Woman baffled after Hinge match texts back three years later

Spoiler: she's almost certainly in a much better place relationship-wise

A woman has shared her bafflement after a boy she met on Hinge decided to message her after three years of radio silence.

Sophie Ward went on a date with a man she met on the dating app, with the two then messaging in February 2019.

But he clearly didn't fancy things going any further at the time after not responding to her last message.

Three years later though, he decided to try and rekindle things, with Sophie taking to Twitter to share her bemusement.

Posting a screenshot of the WhatsApp conversation between the two, she wrote: "How has this Hinge boy just got back to me 3 years later?!?!? Yh nb, just travelled Australasia and now live with my wife Xx"

In the texts from 2019, she tells the man: "I'm leaving for travels on 25th March. And [literally] squeezing in seeing everyone in the next few weeks seeing as I don't have a return flight lol."

He replied: "Oooh where you going? Maybe I could be squeezed into this schedule."

Sophie goes on to explain how she's going to Australia and New Zealand, but that she'd be keen to meet up with him before she departs.

When he suggests "some time next week" to meet up, Sophie asks what day works. And then, nothing.

Then, three years later, he casually texts:  "Heyyy this is random, but how're you?"

His chances of getting the response he's after seem slim though, with Sophie "wifed up" since September 2020.

The tweet has clocked up more than 11,000 likes, and plenty of people in the comments trying to work out exactly what the thought process was of this guy, and others sharing their own tales of very, very long waits for responses.

One user joked: "You took 3 days to reply to their question before so that's on you."

While Sophie replied: "He needs to get over it x."

Another said: "You take 3 days, he takes 3 years, your move now, play the long game."

Someone else suggested that Sophie respond 30 years later with a simple 'I'm k thanks'.

One person managed to beat Sophie's three year record though, sharing the time a woman responded to him after eight years of silence.

It really has been a long couple of years for some hasn't it...


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