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23rd Jun 2022

Wife ‘learns that her husband of ten months is actually a woman – despite being ‘intimate’

Kieran Galpin

The woman’s mum demanded husband strip naked to prove he is a man

In a strange turn of events, a woman learned that her husband of ten months was actually a woman.

having claimed her breasts were just a hormonal problem.

The 22-year-old wife from Indonesia, known only as NA, first met her so-called husband on a dating app where he went by the name Ahnaf Arrafif.

Arrafif claimed to be from the capital of Jambi City but graduated in New York to become a neurologist.

After an unspecific amount of time chatting online, NA and Arrafif migrated to in-person dates. Arrafif even came to stay with NA for a week to help take care of her parents.

Weeks later, the two were engaged with NA’s parents offering their blessing, reports Tribune News.

Arrafif had somehow evaded suspicion, but around 10 months into the relationship, NA’s parents began to question his motives as he had never introduced his family and had a relaxed schedule for a fully qualified doctor.

Arrafif would also bathe fully clothed when other people were home.

When NA confronted her husband, questioning the lumps on his chest, he argued it was down to a hormone issue. The two were even “intimate” multiple times, but Arrafif requested they only use hands.

Via Tribune News

The rollercoaster romance came to a screeching halt when NA’s mother demanded that he strip off his clothes to prove his sex. That’s when Arrafif came clean, identifying himself as a woman named Erayani.

“I’m still scared, I’m shaking when I go out, bro,” said NA.

Erayani is now standing trial, though not for tricking NA. She is on trial die to a charge concerning higher education.

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