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06th Jun 2022

Disneyland Paris worker spoils marriage proposal by snatching ring from man

Charlie Herbert

The park has apologised for the incident

Disneyland Paris has issued an apology after an overeager employee interrupted a man’s marriage proposal, snatching the ring away.

In footage shared on Reddit, the couple are stood on an elevated platform in front of the iconic castle at the centre of the park.

The man then gets out a diamond ring box and kneels to propose to the woman.

But before he can even finish popping the question, a park employee in Mickey Mouse ears runs over and snatches the box away, before gesturing to the couple to get down from the platform.

When the man tells the employee that “she said ‘yes'”, he responds: “That’s great, but over here will be even better.”

After a few moments of baffled looks from the couple, they eventually follow him down.

The awkward clip was shared by a user who says he knew the man in the video, and he said the boyfriend had asked for permission from the park to propose there.

Several users noted the employee’s enthusiasm in interrupting the proposal.

“Trying to figure out if dude was happier enforcing rules or ruining [the] moment. He was legitimately happier for ruining the moment,” one wrote.

Another suggested he was “so proud of himself.”

And a third said: “Man, it seems like he was so happy to ruin the moment.”

Someone else claimed that the employee had gone against Disneyland policy. They said that company employees are “explicitly told that we never touch a guest without their clear permission, given either verbally or through body language.

They continued: “We’re not allowed to take their property under any circumstances and doing so results in termination.”

“This employee will be terminated pretty swiftly should this video make it to the right people. All he had to do was wait 10 seconds. Get it out there and he’s a goner.”

Disneyland has since apologised for the employee’s actions.

“We regret how this was handled,” a Disney spokesperson told Newsweek: “We have apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right.”

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