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26th May 2024

WhatsApp users furious after ‘jarring’ change made to app

Ryan Price

“Everyone I know hates it!”

WhatsApp users are not happy with a new change that has been introduced to the popular messaging application.

A new update appeared on the service last month which you more than likely have noticed if you’re a user.

The company changed the first letter of the ‘online’ and ‘typing’ indicators to capital letters, when they had previously always been lower case, and everybody was jarred by the seemingly minor change.

On similar messaging apps such as Facebook’s Messenger and Telegram, lower case is the norm.

The new ‘Online’ and ‘Typing’ status indicators caused such a stir amongst online communities that they announced they were backtracking the change.

However, it’s not the only change that has occurred on the app recently that has thrown users for a loop.

The other change was the colour of its interface from blue to green.

This means that many features are now a different colour, including the arrow for sending photos and notifications on the right-hand side of chat lists.

Although this has been the norm for Android users, those who use WhatsApp on Apple products have been left furious at the change, which was introduced in a new update.

“I hate the new green theme on iOS, everyone I know hates it! Give us back the blue one,” one person wrote on X.

“Why did i even update this thing smh,” another penned.

A third put: “TF is this new iOS WhatsApp update? It went from blue to green. I’m struggling with this new colour.”

“WhatsApp green whatever is childish and dramatic, they should change it back to blue,” a fourth said.

However, it seems that the company is set on rolling out the changes further.

The company said they were using colour ‘more intentionally’ to give users an experience where they can ‘focus on the things that matter most on the screen.’

“If you can’t see these changes yet, there may be a short wait before they reach everyone,” they said, via Manchester Evening News. “Please make sure to keep WhatsApp updated to the latest version in the meantime.”

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