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18th Aug 2015

Watch what happens when you try the world’s hottest chilli

Brave or stupid?

Tom Victor

Remember a few weeks back when we reported that Tesco were stocking the world’s hottest chilli?

Well, it turns out that a couple of people were foolish enough to give the fiery Komodo Dragon a try – and sent us the painful result on Twitter.

YouTubers Imogen and Liam stocked up on water, milk, yoghurt and chocolate in preparation for the challenge, but they might have underestimated how much they needed.

The Komodo Dragon chilli measures 1.4million on the Scoville Scale – comparable to the notorious Indian ‘Ghost Chilli’ and four times as spicy as the red-hot Scotch Bonnet.

They might seem quietly confident going into the challenge (how hot can it really be, right?) but things soon take a turn.