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22nd Jan 2016

Watch this genius trick to change your duvet cover in less than 60 seconds (Video)

This has blown our minds!

Ben Kenyon

We’ve been changing our duvet the complete wrong way for years. We feel like a right set of idiots now.

People use a variety of techniques when putting on their duvet cover. One of the more popular is the ‘ghost’ technique, where you throw the duvet cover over your head and grab the two corners from within it.

But you will never go back once you’ve tried this technique, which is called the ‘burrito’ duvet.

It’s fairly simple too.

You roll your duvet up like a burrito and then place it in the cover through the opening. While holding on to the corners of the open end and the duvet you release the burrito and shake it into place.

Watch how to do it here:

Image and video via YouTube/Yorkshire Linen


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