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26th Mar 2021

Wagamama launches new Katsu curry smoothie

Claudia McInerney

Fans of Wagamama’s katsu curry are skeptical of the new smoothie

If you’ve ever popped into Wagamama for a quick bite to eat, you may have had an all-time favourite: Chicken Katsu Curry.

The dish has been so popular that the executive chef at Wagamama, Steve Mangleshot, shared the much-loved recipe on Youtube during the first wave of the pandemic.

Fans were thrilled that they could now make the sought-after from their own homes.


Its popularity explains why, on Wednesday, the restaurant chain released a new limited edition ‘katsu smoothie’ that will be available in selected sites across the country via a click + collect basis.

The new smoothie contains bananas, apples, pineapples and, take a moment, katsu curry sauce.

On social media, the restaurant chain said the new product was made for walking and talking. Wagamama has partnered up with the mental health charity YoungMinds to launch the new product.

Wagamama said on Twitter: “We can’t meet at our restaurants just yet. so, we reimagined a classic. introducing the katsu smoothie. made for walking + talking. with all profits going to our partners @YoungMindsUK.”

Fans of the restaurant were largely skeptical of the new katsu curry inspired smoothie.

One replied saying: “I do love Katsu Curry.. but as a drink? Hmm..”

Another responded: “Love Wagamamas – not sure about a Katsu smoothie though!”

Whatever your opinions are about the new smoothie flavour, the launch of the product is for a great cause.

The katsu smoothie is now available in certain sites across the UK, so, if you are brave enough, give it a try.