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26th Mar 2015

Video: Messi spots himself on camera at NBA game…and absolutely loves it

'Mum, mum, mum...I'm on telly...'

Ben Kenyon

You’re a football mega star playing every week in front of a worldwide audience – you’re probably used to being on camera.

Well, the novelty doesn’t seem to have worn off for Barcelona forward Lionel Messi.

He found himself up on the big screen at an NBA game between Washington Wizards and Indiana Pacers…and absolutely loved it.

Messi was chatting away to teammate Javier Mascherano (probably about Ronaldo’s smoking hot rumoured new girlfriend or something) when he sees the camera fall on him.

Bless the lad – he looks like a kid at Christmas that got the latest Real Madrid strip.

Thank god it wasn’t Kiss Cam…

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