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22nd Apr 2015

Video: Meet the Welsh lamb born with a freaky fifth leg…

There's an extra spring in his step today...

Ben Kenyon

Your Sunday roast just got 20 per cent bigger.

There will be no more fighting over the last morsels, if this Welsh lamb is anything to go by.

The little bleater was born with a rather freaky fifth leg.

He has humorously been named Jake (after ‘Jake the Peg’ with the extra leg) by Powys farmer Bethan Davies who says the lamb is “really happy, feeding well and bouncing around like a normal lamb.”

We’re not sure if little Jake is even destined for the dinner table, or whether he will happily live out his days five-legged and mint sauce-free.

We’re just thankful it was an extra leg this time and not a human face, like this Russian lamb.