Ukrainian women raise more than £620k selling nudes to help fund war against Russia 1 month ago

Ukrainian women raise more than £620k selling nudes to help fund war against Russia

Dozens of Ukrainian women are now part of the project

A group of Ukrainian women have been selling nudes online in order to raise money for their country's war effort against Russia.


The project is called 'TerOnlyFans' and was launched on International Women's Day on 8 March by Nastassia Nasko.

So far, the group, which now consists of 38 women, has raised more than £620,000 ($700,000).

Donations have come from not just Ukraine but also the Netherlands, France and the UK, with the biggest single donation having been a cryptocurrency payment of $2,800.


The whole idea came about by accident though, when Nasko took to Twitter to try and help an acquaintance get out of Kharkiv.

When she joked that if someone helped her she would send them a nude, she suddenly found her inbox flooded with messages offering help and support.

And once her acquaintance was safely transported out of the city, she was true to her word and sent the man who had helped her a nude as a thank you.

Nasko decided to set up 'TerOnlyFans' with some help from her friend Anastasiya Kuchmenko - 'ter' being short for territorial defence.


The group now consists of 38 creators - 35 women and three men - and works in a similar way to OnlyFans. However, despite this and the name, they have no affiliation with OnlyFans and do not take requests, with Nasko keen to point out that they are "not sex workers."

She told Business Insider that most of the people who signed up for the project have no prior experience of this sort of thing, although 10 of them have experience with OnlyFans.


They don't get paid either, with most of the money raised going straight to the Ukraine's Territorial Defence, whilst some goes to animal shelter organisations and to refugees as well.

Despite setting up the project, Nasko is actually from Belarus, a country that has been Russia's main ally in its invasion of Ukraine.

She said: "I feel happy because I can support people in Ukraine and show that not all Belarusians like Russians and that we are good people. We want to help our neighbours."


She lived in Kyiv before Putin's invasion began, but has since moved to Warsaw, Poland.

Her and Kuchmenko, who still lives in Ukraine, have no plans to stop the project any time soon.

Nasko promised: "We will end this project when Putin dies and Russia stops their aggression."

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