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24th Feb 2022

UK pint prices could soar to £10.50 if inflation continues at current rate

Kieran Galpin


Anyone else having Freddo flashbacks?

In a truly devastating moment for UK pub-goers, pint prices could reach £10.50 if inflation continues to rise at its current rate.

While there’s plenty of uncertainties in this world, one thing that seems to remain sadly consistent are rising inflation prices – and this time, they’re coming for your booze. With the UK currently at the highest level of inflation on record, that being 5.5 per cent, current predictions suggest it could rise again to 7.5 per cent by spring.


Naturally, as inflation rises so do the prices of everyday products. Unfortunately, a cold pint is not immune to said changes. While the average price for a pint is £3.96, current inflation trajectories mean prices could reach a staggering £10.50 by 2030.

“Well, I’ll just buy cheaper beer” we hear you cry – but that’s the thing; all beer brands will be affected by the inflation rise. Whether you buy Brewdog or Corona, Heineken or Budweiser – those brews are going to taste a lot more bitter.

Now just to throw fuel on the fire, in 1980, a pint of beer was 35p – or £1.10 in today’s money.

“Soaring energy prices, labour shortages and the rising cost of raw materials are pushing up input costs for businesses, which, in turn, is putting upward pressure on prices,” Roberto Rivero, a market analyst at Admirals, told The Mirror.

He continued: “Rising inflation should only be transitory until the economy is used to living with covid-19. However, things are likely to get worse before getting better. If inflation continues to rise at a faster rate than wages, then the price of a pint would be the least of our concerns.

“The hospitality sector would likely suffer as people began to prioritise spending on essential items and, although many of us may think that a pint of beer on a Friday night is essential, things like food and household goods will take priority for most”.

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