Troll dolls with Mum hair is the most disturbing thing you'll see today 2 years ago

Troll dolls with Mum hair is the most disturbing thing you'll see today

Trolls, am I right?

Not the internet kind, I'm talking about the creepy little potbellied creatures from the 90s. Troll dolls. Remember them? Remember their hair? Exactly.

Sometimes your mind wanders into strange territory, wondering why they use microphones in Lip Sync Battle or why Blake Lively didn't call one of her kids Very.

Today is one of those days for me. Early this morning, I began to wonder what Troll dolls would look like if they had Mum hair. (Mum hair is that haircut your Mum has. You know the one). Rather than simply abandoning this line of questioning and carrying on with my day, the thought stuck with me. I couldn't shake it.

With that in mind, please brace yourself for the deeply disturbing series of images that follow.


Audrey, 32, drives a seven seater car despite only having two kids


Bev, 38, gave up gluten because she heard it would make her boobs bigger


Sue, 49, doesn't believe in modern medicine or vaccinations of any kind



Anthea, 33, tries to get away with using expired coupons and then writes about it on Facebook


Lucy, 35, still believes she can make it on the West End


Carol, 53, drinks a bottle of wine every night and loves the Mamma Mia franchise more than life itself


Sally, 30, named her children Adventure and Smile


Regina, 44, hasn't got time to talk right now but really wants to do brunch when the kids go back to school


Nancy, 58, still uses parent and child parking spaces even though her kids are all in their twenties now


Tracy, 32, isn't actually a Mum but pretends she is to get extra free samples in the supermarket