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04th Jul 2018

WATCH: Man playing ‘Africa’ by Toto in local train station is absolutely class

Doing the best song of all time justice

Rudi Kinsella

Doing the best song of all time justice

There’s some songs that you can throw on at a party and immediately everyone around you will shout “Tune!”

‘Africa’ by Toto is one of those songs.

If you’ve ever met someone who doesn’t like it, you can safely assume that they’re not somebody you want to have around in your life.

Hearing it can automatically boost your mood, which is why we tip our hat to the absolute legend who played a brilliant rendition of it on the piano in Dublin’s Heuston train station on Tuesday evening.


We don’t know the name of this mystery hero, but we hope that he keeps on playing absolute bangers to cheer commuters up throughout the day.