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27th Jan 2019

Take this quick test to see how tone-deaf you are

Rory Cashin

Try not to be upset by the results!

If you’ve ever wondered just how good your hearing is, then we recommend you head along to a professional hearing tester.

This particular tone-deaf hearing has plenty of room to get things not exactly precise, since there is a good chance you might be taking the test on some low-quality headphones on a busy, noisy bus.

Even if you’re in perfectly silent surroundings, we still recommend you stick on a good pair of headphones and ramp the volume up as high as you’re comfortable with.

The Department of Psychology has launched a citizen science lab, part of which is a new Music Lab that has four different tests for you to take.

Obviously the one that immediately got our attention was the one that tested how tone-deaf we are, as it is the test that essentially lets you know if you suffer from the disorder might make it difficult to perform music… but it does not make it difficult to enjoy music, which is a plus.

The test should take less than five minutes, playing out a series of tones, and you simply react as to whether you think the corresponding tones are a higher or lower pitch.

To take the tone-deaf test quiz, just head here, wait for it to load, and follow the instructions.

With your headphones on!

On top of the tone-deaf test, the other tests and quizzes are also actually kind of fun, including one quiz used to see if you can you tell what a song is used for even when you have no experience of the culture that made it?