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10th Jan 2016

This is why you feel like crap when you sleep in

Alan Loughnane

We all love to try and grab an extra hour or three of sleep in the morning when we can, but often times you don’t wake up feeling refreshed, rather you’re sluggish and irritable.

It seems there’s a reason for that.

Men’s Health sleep advisor Christopher Winter, M.D., has said that if we wake up at the same time every day, your brain will develop a specific schedule.

Your body will be prompted by your brain to rise at this time by releasing hormones and increasing your body temperature, this also makes you feel more sprightly and energised when the time to get up comes around.

chandler sleep gif

But by going back to sleep, you confuse your brain and it doesn’t know what time it should tell your body to wake up, meaning your body goes a bit haywire.

“It becomes kind of like jet lag,” says Dr. Winter. “You wake up feeling kind of groggy, like you have a dull headache, maybe a bit of nausea, and lethargy—you just don’t feel like doing anything.”

The best option is to resist that almost overwhelming urge to nod off for another while and get out of bed, no matter how much you hate it.


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