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21st Feb 2016

This is the perfect amount of sex you should be having for a happy relationship

It's science...

Ben Kenyon

Everybody likes sex.

It’s definitely more fun than just going to sleep and it’s a sure-fire way to distract you from all that Netflix.

But how often should you be doing it in a relationship to achieve optimum happiness?

You’d imagine that it was the couple that are at it like rabbits that are the most happy and satisfied. It must be, surely?

But while just having sex all day, every day probably seems like the dream, you’d be wrong (well, according to science-based activities app Happify, anyway).

Research shows that more sex doesn’t actually mean more happiness.

Over a three-month period, researched got a number of couples to double the frequency that they had sex. However, the result showed that this didn’t increase their happiness levels.

Why? The researchers theorized that the increase in frequency led to a decrease in enjoyment and desire to have sex.

So what is the optimum amount of sex for couples to be living in bliss? Well, the research suggests that the ‘sweet spot’ is actually just once a week.

Partners that got intimate an average of once weekly were the most happy, according to the study.

You can’t argue with science.