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09th Mar 2018

This Instagram account is an essential follow for savage Prince George memes

Seriously, how is all of this for free?

Ciara Knight

Behold, a bountiful gift awaits.

Gary Janetti is a writer, producer and certified hilarious bastard.

He’s worked on Family Guy and Will & Grace, so he’s got a proven track record of being associated with the good stuff.

You might be familiar with his savage Twitter feed, which has likely been retweeted into your timeline if you’re (criminally) not already following him.

Basically, the man is a gift.

Not only does he dominate Twitter, he’s also sharing his incredible work Instagram.

But rather than continue his tirade on pretty much everyone, he’s decided to stick to the Royal Family on this particular medium. Namely, Prince George.

Janetti has somehow tapped into the mind of a 4-year-old and given him the sassiest personality imaginable.

Look. At. This. Gold.




Prince George covers all manner of pop culture occurrences on a daily basis, but he’s also got a penchant for going in on Meghan Markle.

It’s hard to tell where Gary Janetti ends and Prince George starts, but who cares. This is internet gold and we are blessed to have it.








Evidently, the entire account is solid gold and very worthy of a follow.

Thank you, Gary Janetti for this bountiful gift.