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12th Aug 2015

This huge 20ft tiger shark caught in Australia will make you stay out of the sea forever (Pics)

We're never going swimming again...

Ben Kenyon

Say goodbye to the sea…you’ll never want to swim in it again.

If, like us, you’re still trying to get over watching Jaws films as a child, then you might not want to see this.

A monstrous 6-metre tiger shark was reeled in by a fisherman off the coast of Seven Mile beach – one of Australia’s most popular surfing spots.


He told the Northern Star he was trying to catch a 6ft hammerhead shark when this blade-toothed leviathan swam up and ate the creature.

A fisherman named only as ‘Matthew’ then hauled the gargantuan shark onto the boat.

It’s safe to say we won’t even be running a bath, never mind go near the sea again for a very long time.


H/T Daily Mail/Northern Star/Geoff Brooks