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15th Sep 2016

This guy played along perfectly after being added to a hen night’s WhatsApp group chat

His emoji work was impeccable.

Kevin Beirne

Is there anything better than a group chat? Yes, not being in a group chat.

Improvements in technology have made it easier than ever to stay in touch with everyone you’ve ever met, and somewhere along to way somebody decided that the next great step forward was the group chat.

Sure, it make sense on paper. But once you actually get into it, you realise that it just ends up with you getting a flurry of annoying bleeps every single time two of your mates go off-topic but keep it in the group chat for some bloody reason.


So if you can barely force yourself to care about what your mates are saying, chances are you’re not going to be all that invested when a bunch of strangers add you to their group chat.

But that’s just what happened to Londoner Luke Price, who was accidentally added to a group chat trying to organise a hen party for a bride-to-be.

Rather than informing the women in the group that they had made a terrible mistake and that he was not one of the girls but in fact a 26-year-old man, Luke decided to go along with it and play the role as best he could.

Not only does adopt a whole new persona (the tequila-loving Anna the Slamma), but he even takes time to make sure that Michelle’s son had a good first day of school and checks in with Clare about how ‘John’ is getting on.

Luke was eventually found out when they gave him a call, but you can check out his mischief up until that point here:


Well played. Snapchat