This guy faceswapped a funeral...with the corpse 5 years ago

This guy faceswapped a funeral...with the corpse

Whatever you do, please don't ever do this.

We all love a good face swap. What's not to love about swapping footballers' faces around or checking out how good the casting of siblings is in your favourite TV show?


But basic decorum would tell us that there are a few places you probably shouldn't pull out your phone for a face swap, like a funeral. And if you're going to do it at a funeral, please at least make sure you don't do swap faces with the corpse.

That may seem obvious to you, but apparently it needed to be said as pictures have been circulating of someone doing just that.

We're not sure how you would even pull this off without everyone noticing. Wakes are busy things and we can't imagine grieving family members would be too happy to see you pull out your phone at a coffin, let alone take a selfie with the corpse.

But if you thought the face swap was the most disrespectful thing you could do, then you should probably start reading now.

The mystery snapchatter also shared a picture of the dead body using the dog filter, which carried the caption 'I'm going to hell'. That's not up to us to decide, but we'd imagine they've given themselves a pretty good chance...