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22nd Jun 2015

This cat hitched a ride on the wing of a small plane (video)

Ben Kenyon

The internet’s love affair with cats reached new heights today…quite literally.

We’ve seen cats playing the piano, cats and cheeseburgers and who could forget the myriad funny ‘cat fails’ videos.

But one feline has trumped them all after casually turning up on the wing of a plane in the skies above French Guiana.

About 40 seconds into the flight video, you can just see the moggy appear in the top right corner of the shot.

With the pilot and co-pilot blissfully unaware of their furry stowaway, they plough on…until the cat saunters across the wing and peers into the cockpit.

The look on the chap’s face is priceless when he spots the animal coolly clinging to the side of his aircraft. A real WTF moment.

They quickly turn back and land the plane, not that the cat looked a*sed…

Reddit thought it was brilliant – with thousands of comments flooding in on the ‘Always remember to remove the cat before your flight’ thread. (Seems like sound advice at least).

H/T Romain Jantot/BBC