19 cringe things you forgot you used to do on Facebook 4 years ago

19 cringe things you forgot you used to do on Facebook

1. Being tagged in all those memes where it was like, "the ... one", and feeling annoyed if you were something lame like "the nice one".

Image: pcworld.com

You wanted to be the hot one or the funny one.


2. Getting invited to countless groups by people who had lost their phone and needed new numbers.

Image: Twitter: @ucmapp

If you ever made one of these yourself then you were part of the problem.


3. Posting all your statuses in the third person.

Image: Twitter: @stuartaelmore

They were also all ridiculously dull, but at the time you thought people would care.


4. Getting into ridiculous, endless Poke wars with your friends.

Image: Facebook

The equivalent of MSN nudges.


5. And also using it to flirt with people you fancied.

Image: Twitter: @colleenblahnik

Because these were the days when actually talking to the opposite sex was still pretty terrifying.


6. Playing games like "25 Random Things About Me" in your Notes.

Image: Facebook

If you haven't gone back and deleted these then people can still see them, FYI.


7. Either being obsessed with FarmVille, or pissed off by everyone who kept sending you invites to play FarmVille

Image: FarmVille

So. Many. Fucking. Notifications.


8. Listing your best friends as family members.

Image: Twitter: @ClaaireJacksonn

Because if Facebook was about anything when you were a teenager, it was about showing off how many friends you had.


9. Taking pride in being the first person to ever write on someone's Wall.

Image: Twitter: @pane_nick

It was called taking their "Facebook virginity", because of course it was.


10. Sending your friends "virtual gifts" like bottles of wine or birthday cakes.

Image: Facebook

Facebook used to be so lame.


11. Adding really shitty bumper stickers to your profile.

Image: Facebook

Like, really, really lame.


12. Liking really random groups like "I Flip My Pillow Over To Get To The Cold Side.

Image: Twitter: @AlezHerdandex

There's probably a whole world of embarrassment sitting hidden in your old Facebook likes right now.


13. Girls sharing what colour bra they were wearing that day as single-word statuses.

Image: Twitter

Guys had no idea what the fuck was going on at first, because the girls liked to keep it a secret. Turns out it was supposed to be a breast cancer awareness campaign.


14. Playing the Lying Down Game.

Image: Facebook

This was the Ice Bucket Challenge of '00s Facebook.


15. Adding your favourite quotes to your profile – usually really cheesy shit or funny things your classmates had said.

Image: Twitter: @cheery_caroline

The more in-jokes you had, the more popular you felt!


16. Getting really hooked on games like Mafia Wars and Texas Hold 'Em Poker.

Image: Zynga

You'd have to coordinate with your friends so you could all get into the same virtual poker room together.


17. Taking every opportunity you could get to get onto one of your friends' Facebooks and post an embarrassing status / like and comment on the person they fancied's photos.

Image: Twitter: @_antonyaaa

Always so original.


18. Jumping on those fads when people changed their profile pictures to their celebrity doppelgänger or pictures of their favourite childhood cartoon.

Image: Facebook

Zuckerberg's nailed his here, tbf.


19. Having completely public conversations with people on their Walls, which you did mostly so that everyone could see what good friends you were.

Image: Twitter: @vatsalaraja

Hey guys, look at me, I have plans this weekend! Plans!