There's a new dairy-free Baileys out and it sounds delicious 3 years ago

There's a new dairy-free Baileys out and it sounds delicious

Baileys is for life, not just for Christmas.

While your mum probably rocks out a bottle at Christmas to knock back while watching the Queen's Speech, we'd happily drink it all year round.

Because there's nothing that lashings of alcoholic chocolate milk can't make better. Nothing.

Although for anyone on a diet, eating vegan or intolerant to gluten or dairy, it's not something you can just roll out and pour on ice, over ice cream or in your coffee.

That was until Baileys announced a brand new product which ticks all the boxes for the aforementioned.

They've invented Baileys Almande which, as the name suggests, is made using almond milk, rather than milk from cows (we still don't know how you milk an almond).

Vegan Baileys Almande AlmondMilk Liqueur

It's seemingly made from sweet almond oil, almond essence, cane sugar, purified water and vanilla rather than the traditional cream.

You just know it's going to be nutty, creamy and vanilla-y - and best of all it's gluten free and it's vegan, so everyone can tuck into a glass.

Baileys say you can drink it straight over ice like normal - and also suggest mixing it with coconut water for a jazzy summer drink, according to Metro.

They're not the first big dairy-using food producer to go vegan - Ben & Jerrys also brought out a range of dairy-free products made from almond milk, including Chocolate Fudge and Chunky Monkey.