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20th Jun 2017

The Queen casually riding a horse is our new favourite meme

Nothing to see here. Just the Queen on a horse

Ciara Knight

Yes, brave internet commenter, it is indeed a slow news day.

Move it along, nothing to see here. Just Her Majesty The Queen looking like a massive badarse riding a horse, aged 91, during a heatwave.

This image, although grainy, is iconic and I will now add it into a variety of unnecessary situations to prove its worth.

The Queen had a small cameo in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, alongside Clint Eastwood

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The Queen once spent a summer as a traffic conductor at a busy junction during rush hour in London city

Her Majesty actually directed the music video for Susan Boyle’s rendition of ‘Wild Horses’


The Queen played in goal for United back in ’76, she lasted two seasons before a back injury took her out of the game

Steven Spielberg had to retake this pivotal War Horse scene several times because Her Royal Highness kept missing her cue

Touchstone Pictures

Ever the humanitarian, The Queen tried to prevent a nasty fall at Cheltenham last year, sadly to no avail

The Queen had an important background role in Braveheart

Paramount Pictures

When the gang on Lost didn’t know which way to go, Queen Elizabeth was there to lend them a helping directional hand 


When the horse meat scandal broke, The Queen was there, extremely pixellated and worryingly without her horse

In The Godfather, Jack Woltz was terrified to awaken to a very much alive Queen of England upon a horse in his bed

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