The list of things banned from 'Britain's strictest school' is staggering 4 years ago

The list of things banned from 'Britain's strictest school' is staggering

"Tuck your shirt in. Spit out that gum. Put that fire out. And that one."

Words familiar to anyone who went through school. Rules, rules, rules, and a bit of learning. Rules, of course, were made to be broken, but one British school has introduced so many strict rules that it'd be hard to know if you were breaking a rule or not.


King James's School in Huddersfield recently introduced 40 new rules, falling under the categories of Manners, Uniform and Behaviour.

Some of the rules are fairly straightforward: no inappropriate school shoes, no using your mobile in class, no abusive language - the kind of stuff you'd expect to not be cool at school.

But some of the rules are a bit harsher, including things like: no slouching, no looking out the window, no replying to a question with 'dunno, yeah, huh' and no rolling of eyes.

Head Teacher Ian Rimmer said on the school website: "Our ethos demands the best from everyone. We take pride in preparing our students socially as well as academically."

Described by Metro as "Britain's strictest school", there's no doubt that the rules at King James's are stricter than many other schools, but for former student Morgan Burton, they're too much.


"It clearly removes students rights for self expression and free speech creating a narrative whereby the administration of a government-funded school is implementing its own beliefs which contradict the most basic of human rights," Burton said.

King James's School Rules

At King James’s School, we consider excellent behaviour to be a fundamental requirement for success. We take pride in preparing our students socially as well as academically. To this end, the following behaviours are considered unacceptable at King Jame’s School and will be challenged by all staff:


1. Not wearing school jumper or tie correctly


2. Wearing incorrect school shoes

3. Wearing hoods up/hats inside school

4. Wearing incorrect trousers/skirts

5. Wearing make-up/incorrect piercings


6. Using earphones, or visible wires/mobiles out in lessons



7. Not replying when you greet them


8. Not holding doors open for other people

9. Not saying please/thank you or in a sarcastic way

10. Thanking other people in an inappropriate way

11. Entering a classroom without knocking

12. Smirking/smiling/screwing face up/raising eyebrows/looking at others when told off

13. Shrugging shoulders



14. Saying ‘why?’ when questioned about behaviour

15. Saying ‘dunno, yeah, huh’ when asked a question

16. Saying ‘okay’ when told off

17. Rolling eyes

18. Rude tone of voice

19. Answering in a silly voice

20. Not looking directly at staff when talking to them/paying attention to when spoken to


Behaviour out of lessons

21. Loud/boisterous behaviour in corridors

22. Pushing/charging around in corridor

23. On corridor during lesson time without pass/note in planner

24. Deliberately walking slowly/ causing blockages

25. Unnecessary accompanying of friends in corridors during lessons/registrations

26. Pushing in the dining room queue

27. Intimate behaviour in corridors


Behaviour in lessons

28. Looking out of window instead of the board

29. Interrupting staff or peers

30. Getting out of seat without permission

31. Turning around when told not to

32. Swinging on chairs

33. Slouching

34. Tapping on tables, window ledges/walls

35. Drinking liquids other than water in lessons

36. Eating/chewing gum in lessons


General Behaviour

37. Making funny noises/whistling

38. Using rude, abusive, derogatory language

39. Using slang

40. Swearing