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26th Nov 2016

The latest dating app is like Tinder only way more vicious


Carl Kinsella

There’s a new dating app for the people who think that Tinder could use just a bit more cruelty.

FMK is the new dating-app version of the classic bored-in-the-backseat game Fuck, Marry, Kill wherein you give your mate an impossible choice of three people whom she or he must choose to fuck, marry and kill.

Instead of showing you just one picture like Tinder does, FMK shows the users three separate photos and asks you to decide which one you’d rather ‘fuck’, which one you’d marry and which one you’d kill  — a course of action that definitely seems a little bit more drastic than simply left-swiping somebody.

The company has released a video to explain exactly how the app works, and their website is keep to point out that the killing is indeed figurative.

Though we can certainly see these guys ending up with a lawsuit on their hands when somebody takes the game a little too literally.