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05th Nov 2015

The internet is going crazy for these hilarious Acapella videos

These are amazing!

Ben Kenyon

The internet is the gift that keeps on giving…and giving.

Whether it’s memes of David Cameron and that pig or silly videos of Jurgen Klopp reimagined as a gangster rapper, the World Wide Web’s game has been strong in 2015.

But now the net is bringing more fire with some brilliantly daft and creative videos using an app called Acapella.

Essentially people can layer videos on top of each other to create Acapella versions of classic songs where they’re the drums, the synth, the bass, the guitar and the lead singer.

But all you need to know is people are creating sweet, sweet music and hilarious p*ss takes on it. And the internet bloody loves it.

These are some of our favourites…