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21st Mar 2022

The insane moment a tiny dachshund took on huge moose – and won

Danny Jones

Daschund takes on a moose

It’s not the size, it’s how you use it

Animals videos are a universally loved genre of Internet content but an even better sub-category is brave pets who protect their owners – and it doesn’t get much bolder than the moment a tiny dachshund takes on a huge moose and wins.

In a clip taken from a home security camera in Fairbanks, Alaska, which has since gone viral, dog-owner Tyler Henderson was simply walking to check his postbox when a seemingly docile moose suddenly began to charge him.

Thankfully, Henderson had his guard dog, Reecey, to protect him.

In the split-second it takes Henderson to turn around and realise the moose had become aggressive, little Reecey springs into action and leaps to his defence, nipping his brave little nose in the giant, 1,300lb creature’s direction – enough to give his owner an extra second to get out of the way.

Speaking on the city’s community Facebook page on February 24, Henderson wrote: “Shout out to Reecey my weiner dog! best guard dog ever!”

The clip has since been watched by millions and reshared across the internet.

Of the 500 replies underneath the Fairbanks’ post, many shared similar stories, insisting that “wiener dogs are very protective of their people” and that they regularly go “paw to paw with much bigger dogs”.

The relieved owner reassured concerned commenters that, despite being a tenth of the size, both he and Reecey got out without so much as a scrape.

Let it be a lesson to all you moose out there: don’t f*ck with Daschunds.

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