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23rd Dec 2016

The British public prefer sprouts to turkey and pigs in blankets

What has happened to this country?

Tom Victor

What is it about the British public and 52:48 splits?

In June we had the Brexit vote that has hung over the public consciousness for six months, and now we have learned that just 52% of the public like turkey on their plate on Christmas Day.

That’s according to a YouGov survey, which has revealed the disturbing news that more people want to tuck in to Brussels sprouts than turkey.

In fact, 62% of us love a good sprout – one percentage point more than pigs in blankets, which we all know are objectively the best Christmas food and a top 10 food overall.

Thankfully some order is restored with the presence of stuffing, gravy and roast potatoes in the top three spots, but we can’t help but think the damage has already been done.

We should have seen this coming, of course. This is the same British public who voted chicken korma as the best curry and put plain digestives second in their ranking of biscuits.

These are the kind of people who eat Salt & Shake crisps without salt, who eat plain white toast as dessert, who go to Nando’s and order lemon and herb chicken.

As a wise man once said, ‘You can’t trust people, Jeremy’.