This girl's story of a bad first date is as morbid as you'll hear 2 years ago

This girl's story of a bad first date is as morbid as you'll hear

'Wear a black dress and I'll surprise you'

While we're all living vicariously through First Dates, the show has opened plenty of eyes with regards to the dating scene and what singletons are looking for in a partner.


Granted, 99 per cent of the dates we see are friendly, good natured, and well, awkward in a very charming manner, but things can always take a far more 'interesting' turn.

Case in point, a first date story that a lady named Raychel shared on Twitter about her friend has gone viral and it's easy to see why.

Before reading this account, ask yourself this, if you've ever had a bad date, at what point did the alarm bells start going off ?

For this lady, it might have been the request for her to wear a black dress.


Plenty of people reacting to the story expressed their sympathy for the man who was grieving for his grandmother and, despite the extremely odd turn of events, the date won some fans for sticking it out and trying to help her partner get through this difficult moment.


Still, this could prove to be a helpful warning sign for anyone who gets a request to wear a black dress from their romantic interest.