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23rd Nov 2015

Survey reveals the names of people who give the best and worst gifts

Keep this in mind for Secret Santa

Paul Moore

If you’re lucky enough to be having an office Christmas party then you’ll know that there’s always a large element of luck that’s required when it comes to your Secret Santa.

Some people are incredibly generous and have the knack of getting your gift 100% right while others are absolutely clueless.

It seems like there’s a survey for everything nowadays but the people at shopping site have the identified which of your friends are most like Buddy the Elf and who’s Scrooge.

They managed to survey over 250,000 names, add up the number of gifts that they bought and the amount that was spent.

Here are the people that are full of Christmas cheer and generosity. Be good to them and you might get a nice gift.

Most Generous Men
1. Paul
2. David
3. Mark
4. Andrew
5. Chris
6. John
7. Michael
8. James
9. Richard
10. Daniel

Most Generous Women
1. Rebecca
2. Karen
3. Julie
4. Sarah
5. Jane
6. Nicola
7. Amanda
8. Katie
9. Charlotte
10. Emma

Bah humbug! I’m not going to call these following people a Christmas Grinch but…

Least Generous Men
1. Adam
2. Lee
3. Ben
4. Steven
5. Martin
6. Ian
7. Matthew
8. Robert
9. Peter
10. Simon

Least Generous Women
1. Patricia
2. Diane
3. Gillian
4. Janet
5. Kerry
6. Heather
7. Anne
8. Hayley
9. Kim
10. Jackie