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14th Jul 2022

Uni graduate left paralysed after chiropractor ‘snapped four arteries during a routine visit for neck pain’

Charlie Herbert

More than $56,000 has been raised for her medical bills

A graduate in Georgia has been left paralysed after she visited a chiropractor who is said to have snapped four arteries in her back.

Caitlin Jensen, 28, studied a master’s degree in chemistry and biology at Georgia Southern University and graduated in May.

On June 16, she visited the unnamed chiropractor practice because she was suffering from neck pain.

But following the visit she quickly became ill and was rushed to hospital. There, it was revealed that four arteries in her neck has been dissected.

Jensen then went into cardiac arrest, had a stroke and lost her pulse for more than 10 minutes.

When she was revived, it was discovered she had suffered a traumatic brain injury and was paralysed. Jensen can currently only communicate with her eyes and through wiggling her toes.

The cause of the injuries to her neck has not yet been confirmed, but her family blame the chiropractor she had visited.

Her mother, Darlene Jensen, told local media that every doctor who looked at her daughter agreed the injuries happened “as a direct result of the neck manipulation” she received at the chiropractor.

She continued: “The chiropractor called 911 and then called me and told me that she was ‘having a reaction to the treatment.’”

Caitlin graduated from Georgia Southern University in May with a master’s in chemistry and biology (GoFundMe)

The family have since set up a GoFundMe for Caitlin to pay for her medical expenses.

The page reads: “Caitlin is currently conscious and able to respond to verbal commands by blinking her eyes, as well as wiggling her the toes of her left foot.

“However, the rest of her body sits in a state of paralysis due to the injury.

“Caitlin has a long road to recovery, and as a college student who has a very simple health care plan, she will need significant financial resources to get her through this road to recovery.”

So far, the fundraiser has raised more than $56,600 for Caitlin.

In an update on the page on June 30, Darlene wrote: “Tomorrow will be two weeks since the day we almost lost her. It’s truly remarkable that she is alive. I am shaken to the depth of my being by this experience.

“When I look at my baby girl laying there and she has the ability to look back at me to see life in her eyes to touch her and talk to her she’s ALIVE. Hallelujah.

“When I arrived at 6am today, she was awake and alert. She has a strong hand squeeze, and is still working hard at wiggling her toes on her left.

“She also did something new – she can give the tiniest of nods with her head. It would be easy to miss, but I swear – I saw her nod her head in answer to me today.”

The family hope to move her out of hospital and into rehab at Shepherd Center in Atlanta.

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