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20th Mar 2023

Student begged to retake test after meatball fell onto her keyboard

Callum Boyle

Almost on par with ‘The dog ate my homework’

A student begged to be allowed to retake a test after a meatball fell onto her keyboard.

Sam Lee, a student at the University of Georgia, failed her test with a score of just 39 per cent after she claimed that a meatball fell from her sandwich onto her keyboard, therefore exiting her from the test.

Although the situation seemed too good to be true, Lee chose to remain honest and come clean to her professor while asking if she would be allowed another chance at taking the test.

She wrote: “I had some technical difficulties and outside distractions during the test today.

“Something hit my computer and caused it to submit the test when I had less than half of the questions answered. By something, I mean a meatball that had tragically fallen onto my keyboard as I was taking the exam.

“This said meatball caused some malfunctions with my laptop and caused the test to submit itself. I completely understand that a falling meatball is no excuse for the failing grade on this exam, but is there any possibility of retaking this test?

Luckily for Sam her professor seemed to believe the bizarre reason and was thankfully feeling generous.

He said that it was a “new and unusual excuse for a low score” but admitted that “it seems unlikely that you’ve made this up” before extending her deadline for the test.

To add, Sam’s professor gave her some extra advice: to take the test before eating in future.

Luckily for Sam she took on board the advice and thankfully got a better score the second time around.

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