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10th Jan 2017

17 things you know if you’re from the South, but not London

Five quid a pint? Not in most of the South it's not.

Alex Finnis

1. When people talk about the South, what they’re actually talking about most of the time is London.


If you see a generalisation about the South, it almost always only applies to the capital.


2. Like when people say pints always cost a fiver down South – not outside of London they don’t.

Image: Twitter: @mototingle

Sure the North is cheaper, but it’s really not difficult to pick up a pint for less than three quid.


3. Or when they say all food down South is hipster bollocks – but actually most of the South does great, proper food.

Image: Twitter: @RockpoolTrading

It’s not just the North that can cook a hearty English meal.


4. Think about pasties – real ones stuffed to the brim with meat and potatoes, better than anything you’d find in a Greggs.

Image: Twitter: @andypriestley10

This’d fill you up for weeks.


5. Cheddar cheese too. Without cheddar Britain would probably grind to a halt.

Image: Wikipedia

We’d build our houses out of cheddar if we could. They’d probably get mice though.


6. So it’s important that people realise the South is way, way more than just London.

Image: JackPeasePhotography / Flickr

There’s Cornwall, Devon and Somerset, Dorset, Kent, Essex, the whole of the south coast, Oxford, Wiltshire… you get the picture.


7. It has hundreds of places with their own unique and interesting history.

Image: Neil Howard / Flickr

Stone Henge is better than anything you’ll find inside Greater London.


8. And it’s also home to some of the most stunning sights the UK has to offer.

Image: Markus Schroeder / Flickr

This is Dartmoor, and it’s pretty badass.


9. People say northerners are more friendly than southerners, actually, it’s only Londoners who are the grumpy ones.

Image: Giphy

We thank the bus driver down here too! The only reason southerners get a bad rep for that is because on London buses you don’t get off at the front so you can’t thank the driver anyway!


10. Some people think of the South as being a bit posh and prissy, but you know most of it isn’t like that at all.

Image: ITV

“Soft southerner” is nothing more than a stereotype.


11. The weather’s so much better down here. It might not always be grim up North, but it is fucking cold.

Image: 20th Century Fox

At least the South gets the obligatory two weeks’ worth of British summer per year.


12. When you’re abroad and are trying to tell someone where you’re from, you have explain by saying how far from London it is.


If you can’t be bothered you just admit defeat and say London anyway tbh.


13. The South is home to cream teas, which are basically an excuse to eat your bodyweight in sugar and fat while still somehow feeling civilised.

Image: Twitter: @jam_first

Yep, eating mounds of cream and jam with your bare hands is definitely civilised.


14. People are always arguing about where the North starts – to you, it’s just where the accents start getting a bit funny.

Image: Tumblr

Birmingham? Definitely the North.


15. There are two things that’ll always make you nostalgic for your hometown – your local pub and the terrible club you used to go to.

Image: Geograph

Because unlike in London, there was never that much choice, so we ended up going to the same places a LOT.


16. And big trends always hit your town at least a good few months after they were a thing in the capital.

Image: The Pokémon Company

But hey, they still haven’t reached the North yet, amirite?


17. So while you might not go round talking in a thick accent like a northerner or whinging about tube strikes like a Londoner, you’re definitely proud to be a southerner.

Image: Giphy