Something very weird happens when you pour acid on a Big Mac 5 years ago

Something very weird happens when you pour acid on a Big Mac

Everybody loves a good Big Mac.

Whether you're hanging out of your arse on a Sunday morning after a night on the ale, or just stone-cold ravenous after a bastard of a day at work, they always go down well.


Whenever we order one of these delicious burgers at McDonald's, the last thing on our mind is ruining it by pouring acid on it.

But that's exactly what one YouTuber did - for science.

The Let's Melt This channel decided to pour sulphuric acid all over it to see what happened - and we're not going to lie, it was pretty weird.


You probably pissed about with sulphuric acid in the chemistry labs at school - it's serious stuff. That's why your teacher was always wittering on about wearing goggles and gloves.

There's a reason thought. It's massively corrosive and can burn through metal, living tissue and even stone with terrifying ease.

So you'd imagine it would make short work of a Big Mac. Wrong.


We don't know what Big Macs are made of, but not even sulphuric acid could finish it off.

The Let's Melt This guys doused it in the acid and left it for 30 minutes and the weird thing was that while it blakcened the once-gorgeous looking lump of junk food, it actually just made the bun go hard.

‘We originally through the Big Mac would dissolve into a giant pile of mush,' the channel writes. 'Turns out the sulphuric acid actually cooked the outside of the Big Mac bun until it was rock hard.

‘Almost as if we left it in the oven too long. Of course when we got to the centre of the Big Mac it began to melt away on contact. We time lapsed this video over a 30 minute period so you could view the entire process quicker.'

If you're looking for a comparison, then just look what the same acid does to a sock...


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