Some people are now starting to snort chocolate for their highs 5 years ago

Some people are now starting to snort chocolate for their highs

We can't say that we've ever dabbled.

Personally, we prefer to eat our Wispas rather than shoving them up our nose, but try telling that to the folk at the Lucid festival in Berlin, where such an activity is all the rage.


According to Ozy and the Independentpeople are choosing to snort chocolate, as consuming cocoa releases a perfect mixture of endorphins and magnesium, as well as improving cognitive function, backed up by research carried out by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Homer chocolate

The act is becoming increasingly popular at the Lucid festival, where "music, dance, community and natural high vibes roam wild and free" and, as the high is perfectly legal and contains no hallucinogenic side effects, you can expect the habit to continue for some time.

And if you're laughing at this whole thing, have a watch of this - chocolate snorting is a real thing.

Last year, Nick Eagland, a Canadian journalist with The Province, investigated the chocolate-snorting practice, and a wonderful bit of information that emerged from this was that "members of the Rolling Stones were among the first to get satisfaction [from chocolate consumption] at a birthday party for Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood" in 2010.


Eagland later described the experience of snorting chocolate to the Independent:

“I was nervous about putting candy up my nose, but when I saw how finely the cocoa powder was ground it seemed like it couldn't hurt all that much.

“I don't know if it was the discomfort of getting something shot up my nose or the sensation of the chocolate melting into my brain, but I got this intense rush of energy, like a big smash of chocolate into my face.”

Is this something you can see happening in the UK in the near future?

Jeann Claude