Sky customer reveals how changing your contract could save you up to £600 2 months ago

Sky customer reveals how changing your contract could save you up to £600

'Never accept their first offer'

Amid a dramatic surge in energy prices, a Sky customer has revealed how you can save up to £600 on your contract.


As parliament go back and forth with debate, the British public is grappling with a rise in National Insurance and Ofgem raising their energy price cap. While Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has been brilliant in offering advice, this latest tidbit comes from the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group.

A Facebook user wrote:  "Realised just out of contract with Sky, ring them up and reduce bills immediately from £62.50 a month to £46 inc Netflix, which in turn saves me a further £9.99 a month. Over 18 months that'll be nearly £600. Always worth checking contract dates."

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Other users reported similar experiences, as one user suggested it's "worth making the phone call" because they managed to reduce theirs by £20 a month.

"Mine was £74 down to £40 ... never accept their first offer. They can do better," another wrote.

Another customer was lucky enough to get a £52.50 decrease, including "Super fast broadband, HD, Netflix, [and] line rental."


Another Facebook user suggested being "polite but pushy" as they managed to drop their bill from £93 to £56.

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However you can take it a step further, as one user described.


"We always phone them even in contract to see what deals they have. We have free Netflix and Disney+ plus a hole host of deals on our package as we have every thing," they wrote.

Of course, there were some outliers and a few users reported issues in getting their contract reduced. However, they can only say no, so why not give them a ring.

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