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18th Sep 2018

If you’re born in September you’re likely to be smarter, research finds


You’re also less like to be incarcerated

If you’re born in September and you’ve always had a grandiose sense of yourself and your intelligence, the bad news is you’re exhibiting one of the 20 traits commonly found in psychopaths, the good news, though, is science indicates you might also be 100% correct.

A published by the National Bureau of Economic Research found last year that being in the older age-range of your school year gives you an advantage in school and leads to better grades. They boasted a higher yearly score average than those born in August, at the bottom end of their class age-wise.

The study, titled “School Starting Age and Cognitive Development,” also looked at other socioeconomic factors around how children develop, and also found that September kids had a reduced the likelihood of a child’s incarceration for juvenile crimes.

If you’re wondering what other characteristics are likely to make you smarter, separate research has found that first-born siblings tend to be the cleverest in their family, as do people who hit the snooze button on a morning.

So all in all if you’re born in September, are the oldest in your family and love a lie-in, you’re objectively more likely to be the next Einstein.