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31st Oct 2015

Scientists may have found a cure for male baldness

Very interesting

Paul Moore

Much like a Liverpool fan when they see the name of Dejan Lovren in the starting XI, there are certain things that some men can’t help but feel anxious or nervous about.

Baldness is just one of them and we’d argue that a lot of guys have spent some time in front of the mirror checking their hairline or looking for any thinning spots in their barnet.

If you’re reluctant to embrace your inner Ernie McCracken or the Bruce Willis look then this research from a team of scientists at Columbia University will be music to your ears.

Bill Murray Kingpin

Dr Angela Christiano was undertaking work that examined the impact of JAK inhibitors on hair follicles as a means to cure alopecia and her results were encouraging.

Mice were used in the experiment and the scientists discovered that those subjects who were administered JAK inhibitors actually grew new hair within just 10 days.

How does is it work? The substance administered to the mice hinders the Janus Kinase enzyme, found inside hair follicles, and acts as a stimulus for growth.

Don’t expect a product to hit the shelves of your local pharmacy just yet, as always there are kinks that need to be ironed out, but it’s an encouraging step in the right direction.