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20th Nov 2015

Scientists discover the reason why some people lose the way of themselves with drink

Blame your genes

Paul Moore

Blame your genes.

If you have a friend that happens to cause mayhem or take a few risks after they’ve had a couple of drinks then this research from Finland should interest them.

Finnish scientists have discovered that there’s a “drunk and disorderly” gene that might provide an excuse for some people’s reckless and impulsive behaviour after they’ve had a few beers.


According to the study, 2% of the Finnish population has this genetic variable that causes them to go wild after drinking.

While we’ll always encourage people to drink responsibly, it seems that you don’t need a rake of pints to think that it’s a great idea to start dancing in the streets.

It only requires a small amount of alcohol to bring out the ‘carefree’ habits of those affected.


Dr Roope Tikkanen, from the University of Helsinki, said: “the results indicate that persons with this mutation are more impulsive by nature even when sober, and they are more likely to struggle with self-control or mood disorders.”

That old chestnut, eh?

There you have it guys, if your friend constantly ends up ‘testing your patience’ on the weekend then it could be a genetic issue and nothing else.

Yeah, we believe that one.

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