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26th Aug 2015

Science says these 8 things will prove you’re smarter than the average human

Tall, weed-smoking cat owners rejoice

Ben Kenyon

What makes you smarter than the average person?

It’s something that has puzzled science for years. Obviously you could take an IQ test – but that only measures a certain type of intelligence (and the test is more than 100 years old).

But nobody’s got time to bother sitting an IQ test to figure out who’s the smartest guy in the pub (although you could take a pub quiz).

Business Insider has pulled together a far quicker and more novel way to find out if you’re smart.

Drawing on scientific discoveries, they’ve looked at eight key indicators that you’re brainier than the normal Brit.

Looking at the graphic below, if you’re a tall, weed-smoking, slender cat owner, that plays the guitar left-handed then you’re probably a genius.