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16th Oct 2016

Round off your weekend with a clip of Justin Bieber falling off a skateboard…twice


Matt Tate

Justin Bieber is a globally recognised pop sensation with godlike status among the more enthusiastic members of his loyal fanbase.

But we have some news for the Beliebers: when it comes to skateboarding, young Justin stacks it straight onto his arse just as often as the rest of us.

A clip has appeared online of what appears to be the ‘Sorry’ singer falling off his board not once, but twice, in less than 10 seconds.

We don’t know for sure that it is Biebs in the video, but the internet definitely favours that theory – and why wouldn’t it?

In the now-massively-viral Vine we see Bieber (or unnamed lookalike) messing around on a halfpipe. The clip begins too late to identify exactly what he’d been trying to do, but it clearly didn’t go to plan, and Bieber (or unnamed lookalike) bailed pretty hard.

In life, you’re often told that it’s not the falling down that holds significance, but how quickly you can get back up again. Justin Bieber (if it is him, we’re just trying to keep things fair here) should have ignored that well-meaning philosophy, because when the skateboard rolls back past him, he tried to hop back on and hit the deck for a second time.

It’s not the first time Justin Bieber has been filmed skateboarding. In this video the star has things a bit more his own way, but not by much.

Skateboarding: truly the great leveller.

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