The 6 biggest turn-offs for women have been revealed in this ultimate study 6 years ago

The 6 biggest turn-offs for women have been revealed in this ultimate study

To most men the fairer sex are a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, wearing high-heels.

But to help us hapless and helpless blokes solve this Rubik's Cube in female form, an Australian univsersity has used science to come up with the biggest turn-offs for women.


They just so happen to fall into six main catogories and, to be honest, they're all fairly obvious.

But it still makes for a useful checklist if you plan on sweeping a nice young lady off her feet.




1. Discriminating against others

Nobody wants to date a person who's constantly chipping away at others or someone that has an incredibly disrespectful attitude to those around them.

The research showed that negativity is linked to stress and it's obvious that any girl who feels anxious around a man isn't going to enjoy his company.


Be chilled, cool and an overall decent guy.


2. Not taking care of yourself

Your ripped jeans, dirty Converse and Pearl Jam t-shirt are perfectly appropriate to wear at times but there's a thin line between dressing down and looking like you've been sleeping in a dumpster for the past two nights.


The study showed that there's an evolutionary reason as to why women would prefer a guy that looks slick and sharp.

The researchers found that women will subconsciously look for a man who can help her provide for any potential family. If it looks like you can't take care of yourself, how can you take care of others?

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3. Dating multiple people at the same time

Shocking fact of the day! Some women don't trust or enjoy the company of men who sleep around. Those researchers must have really worked hard on that point. Even droids have a wandering eye.



4. Being bad in bed

Is it important? You betcha.


5. Anger problems

If you constantly lose your head at the slightest issue, then it's time to work on those anger issues.

It really isn't an attractive trait to have and there's an additional reasoning to this. The inability to handle stressful situations or find a calm resolution to certain problems can suggest that you're not good at interpersonal problem solving.

Basically, it implies that you're a person who create problems and doesn't provide answers.

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6. Smelling bad

Another obvious point but there's a reason why odor is more important to women than men. It seems that ladies are far more sensitive to bad odors than guys. Gentlemen, it's time to musk up.

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