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23rd Mar 2018

Quiz: Can you identify the 90s TV show based off one single image?

Well, bloodywell can you?

Ciara Knight

Anyone not born in the 90s is a dork. IDST.

We were all very busy rotting our teeth with Sunny D, our hair with sun-in and rotting our minds senseless with garbage television, according to our parents anyway.

In reality, we were shaping our young minds into the well-rounded creative hubs that they are today. Personally, I formed 90% of my impeccable sense of humour from Kenan and Kel and the other 10% from various older cousins that I thought were hilarious at the time but are now all in prison with a variety of personal issues to work through.

But how well do you remember the TV shows you spent countless hours gorging on throughout the 90s? Probably most of them, right?

Well what if you’ve only got a screengrab to go off? Not so easy now, tough guy.

Best of luck, champ!